Sunday, November 27, 2005

Emerson college
located in Boston
in the theater district

Boston, home of the sox, is EVIL!

but oh my gosh!!!! the college was soo cool

it's a very vertical campus, i think it has 3 buildings in all, but you wouldn't even know it when in the buildings

it's all communications, broadcasting, and theater, so the whole place is full of televisions and equipment

they had colorful changing lights creatively placed in every stairwell, it just made me love the place

Ignoring the fact that our tour guide was insanely hott, he loved every aspect of the school.

Obviousely, being right in the middle of the city, and being a smaller school, their sports program is not incredibly competitive, but they do have fairly nice facilities.

The college also owns the Magestic theater... it is amazing! A Broadway style theater run by college students... SWEET!

If anyone is interested in theater and the boston area... i would most definetely recommend this school.


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