Sunday, October 02, 2005

I really don't like this website... i wrote stuff, but apparently it doesn't like me very much... not cool!

oh and also, the time is all wrong on it.. it says it's 7pm, but it's really like 11... bizarre

and now i'm not wanting to rewrite... gahhh

visiting colleges is such a hastle. Not only do you have to find time to go, you have to find time when your parental units can find time off of work, and ofcourse then can only find time off from work when you have no school!
yes, my father can miss one day this week, and surprise suprise it's on Tuesday, the one day that we have no school.
Do I want to go to college? yes
Do I want to get an education and succeed in life? ofcourse
Do I want to spend my day off listening to teachers and students of a school that i probably won't end up going to? not really

so i guess i'm visiting Ithaca... cause it's gorgeous, and it has a preety good theater program, and i'll probably visit Cornell as well, even though there's no chance in the world that I'd ever get in... but it has a good engineering program... i mean c'mon, it is Cornell!

random thought... those star wars criticisms are funny
other random thought... DECOPAGE!!!!

thank you and goodnight


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