Sunday, October 09, 2005

Cornell University...
Ivy League School...
it's amazing, however i personally would never wish to go there. The campus is beyond beautiful, the buildings are amazing, and the history is incredible. There is a funny story of a pumpkin mysteriousely ending up on the roof of the church... and they make their own ice cream flavors there... which is cool too, but the whole place is all acedemic, and it doesn't seem as though any of them were having any fun! College is about furthering education, but i personally wish to have a little time to enjoy myself rather than constantly working. Another problem with me going there, ignoring the fact that I probably couldn't get in anyways, is that I'd be trying to get into the engineering program, and i found out that to get into that program, you have to take Calculus and Physics in highschool... I have the physics but not so much with the calculus!

it's a beautiful school though, and if any of you have the opportunity to visit, you should, even if you dont plan on going!


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