Sunday, October 23, 2005

So I've decided that my 1st choice school is Ithaca College...

you know how MPH has college info sessions where the rep comes from each school and all... well Ithaca isn't scheduled to come!

I did some research and realized that no MPH student has gone to Ithaca in the past 5 years... and i did some more research and found out that there are like 8 people in our class that have Ithaca as their first choice... WHATS UP WITH THAT?

so yea, i think MPH should get Ithaca to come... but thats just me

whoa, I just noticed that this website is actually working!

Monday, October 10, 2005

scarry as hell

I thought I was nervous before taking them, but i'm freaking out about actually getting the scores! There's nothing I can do now but wait until the day when we find out whether we will succeed in life or fail!

The essay was coincidentely about success... I wrote about the SAT and how you can't do well on the SAT simply by luck, but you've got to work at it and you've got to earn it! After writing this essay, the whole test I was thinking about that so I really hope I did do well and earned a good score!

I've been going to SAT class for the past 4 months, so I better improve or the past 4 months woulda been a waste of time!

I don't understand why they're so important... they are a test you take on some Saturday morning sometime between your junoir and senior years of highschool. Whoop de friggen do! But people remember their score for the rest of their lives and everyone takes it so seriousely! So I apparently follow society in thinking this because i'm freaking out along with the hundreds of other people who took it a few days ago (except for that kid behind me who was playing the drums with his two #2 pencils for four and a half hours rather than focusing on the test)

My new favorite college

okay random thought... until the tour guide explained the whole "ithaca is gorges" gorgeous thing, i honestly didn't notice a difference... I always said "Ithaca is Gorgeous", never noticing the spelling error.... yea i'm an idiot

so anyways, Ithaca College is awesome!!!!!! The campus is beautiful. I went on a day with nice warm weather, but just as the leaves were starting to change colors.... and from the top of the campus you could see down into the valley and the lake, which only had a few sailboats left. I'm not kidding, it was beyond gorgeous. Now I know from it being CNY that this image won't last past November (damn snow) but it was a nice experience.
The actual college, like the facilities, was really nice... My dad did however point out (being the loser that he is) that the pavement needed some repair, but other than that everything seemed to be perfect! The have a really good theater program and although they don't have an engineering program, they do have the physics and environmental sciences and such, so to me thats close enough if I do decide to go into that type of stuff.
Oh, another bonus... it's a D3 school meaning that there's a slight, very very slight chance of me going out for the volleyball team... and i think that'd be cool!

The dorms are the best I've ever seen! There are 3 sections of dorms, and I've heard that one of them is not so nice, but the ones I saw were awesome! They were fairly large, and they were in a really tall building, so from the height, you could see over the trees right into the valley and down to the lake, and since it was such a gorgeous day, I thought it was preety cool!
When we did go to see the dorms, we did have a laughable experience... we went to the door and our tourguide knocked. This shirtless kid who had obviousely just woken up (it was 2pm) opened the door and said his roomate, the onewho had vollunteered their room was out at the moment but we could come in anyways... as we walked in, the shirtless guy went over to his dirty cloth mound and picked up the shirt on top, he smelled it, made a disturbed face, and set it back down... then went over to his bed, rolled over, and went back to sleep... with us still standing inhis doorway. I don't know why, but this made my father and me laugh for a good 10 minutes.
This guy fufilled my dad's ideas about the steryotypical college students, Party all night, sleep till 2... which made my father a little uncomfortable, but whatever!

so Ithaca really is gorgeous, and it is at the moment my top school
and it's not incredibly difficult to get into with the grades and SAT scores I've got right now

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Cornell University...
Ivy League School...
it's amazing, however i personally would never wish to go there. The campus is beyond beautiful, the buildings are amazing, and the history is incredible. There is a funny story of a pumpkin mysteriousely ending up on the roof of the church... and they make their own ice cream flavors there... which is cool too, but the whole place is all acedemic, and it doesn't seem as though any of them were having any fun! College is about furthering education, but i personally wish to have a little time to enjoy myself rather than constantly working. Another problem with me going there, ignoring the fact that I probably couldn't get in anyways, is that I'd be trying to get into the engineering program, and i found out that to get into that program, you have to take Calculus and Physics in highschool... I have the physics but not so much with the calculus!

it's a beautiful school though, and if any of you have the opportunity to visit, you should, even if you dont plan on going!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

I really don't like this website... i wrote stuff, but apparently it doesn't like me very much... not cool!

oh and also, the time is all wrong on it.. it says it's 7pm, but it's really like 11... bizarre

and now i'm not wanting to rewrite... gahhh

visiting colleges is such a hastle. Not only do you have to find time to go, you have to find time when your parental units can find time off of work, and ofcourse then can only find time off from work when you have no school!
yes, my father can miss one day this week, and surprise suprise it's on Tuesday, the one day that we have no school.
Do I want to go to college? yes
Do I want to get an education and succeed in life? ofcourse
Do I want to spend my day off listening to teachers and students of a school that i probably won't end up going to? not really

so i guess i'm visiting Ithaca... cause it's gorgeous, and it has a preety good theater program, and i'll probably visit Cornell as well, even though there's no chance in the world that I'd ever get in... but it has a good engineering program... i mean c'mon, it is Cornell!

random thought... those star wars criticisms are funny
other random thought... DECOPAGE!!!!

thank you and goodnight